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I’m a PhD student working on the unisexual salamander complex of the North American Ambystoma¬†genus. My work will be focusing on the movement ecology of the Blue-Spotted x Small-Mouthed salamander populations on Pelee Island, Ontario.

Previously, I studied Black-Spotted newts (Notophthalmus meridionalis) in Brownsville, Texas for my MS. This work included mitochondrial genetics, niche differentiation, and habitat characterization modeling.

As my current and previous studies may indicate, my research focus is on amphibian movement ecology, niche partitioning, landscape genetics, and phylogeography.

This is going to be a joint personal/professional website for now. For privacy reasons, I prefer to go by the name Hoxacrine online. Short-term, I hope to maintain this site by primarily providing blog posts about my research (with updates on publications), life events, and posts on political views. A more long-term view of this site is less defined, but will likely see this site shift to becoming more personal with a secondary site to become my professional site.


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